I want to be Tender and Honest while continuing the Journey of sifting through my queerness and the many ways I Intersect with My world.

I enjoy examining the nebulous naggings in the forefront of my brain… about individual and collective histories, Beliefs and Habits and how they interlace and play out in each of our “Realities” in this world. I’m curious how we can each start to change our “story” / perspective of Our World, community, Family, and Ourselves to Deliberately create the Future – can we stop repeating the past? Can we replace the old with a better New? Can helping ourselves Save The World?


Pygmalion Possibility - Para-Sites Projections 2014 (photo credit to Rachel Baxter)

The Pygmalion effect; the phenomenon whereby the greater expectation placed upon people, the better they perform.

More often than not when I hear or read about fraternities, they are stories that glorify only the bad; rape, chaos, abuse, harassment, etc… This creates the opposite of the Pygmalion effect, called the Golem effect in which low expectations lead to a decrease in performance and perpetuates the same expected actions over and over again.

I want to propose a change in thought. By projecting positive phrases and expectations onto the faces of these fraternity buildings, I want to encourage not only the people on the street who see the work to think differently of these buildings and the people within, but also encourage the young men inside to think better of themselves, thereby creating different results.

Lambda Chi Alpha + Beta Theta Pi

Lateral Thinking, Stretched text prints, 4 x 6 in or 2 x 3.5 in, 2014

Fallacy of Thinking, Lenticular prints, 2 x 7 in, 2014

Anamorphic Type – Stretched Projection, All is Well, 50 x 20 ft, 2013

Fallacy of Thinking, Fabric and Wood Installation at Eskenazi Museum of Art, Indiana University, 6 ft x 28 ft, 2014

G. Appleseed, It’s Ok!, Mail Art, 3 x 3 x 4 in, 2013